Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Budget: Tavern Ham

Budget: Tavern Ham

Recently I was at the grocery store and noticed that they had tavern hams on sale for $2.48 a pound. Pretty good price for around here. While pondering what all I could make of this ham the recipes were screaming at me. So I scooped one up and brought it home. When home this is when the real work begins.
This tavern ham weights 15.66 lbs @ $2.48 per lb for a total of $38.84. No food tax in the state of Ohio where I purchased it at.

I decided to slice up most of it. I had to borrow the slicer from my mother-in-law, as I don't have one of my own yet.
Because this slicer is smaller approx a 7.5 inch blade. I had to cut the ham into sections for easier sliceing.
Then it was time to run it on the slicer. I wish that I had someone here helping me to take pictures. But, I was on my own! Why does this not surprise me? Anyhow, this is most of the ham.

Make sure that you have plenty of freezer safe bags. A good sharpie to date your packages. This is how I divided mine up. 

What I got was 9 quart bags of sliced ham, 3 quart bags of chopped ham, 1 plate of scraps for the animals and 1 bowl for soup. You can obviously divide it up in many different ways. I should have kept a small section ham for baking it would of been good but I forgot to do that.
The kitties with their snack.
With the ham in the bowl I decided to turn it into soup. Which I canned. You can find that recipe posted yesterday.
7 quarts of Ham and bean soup made with great northern beans
7 more quarts of Ham and bean soup made with navy beans
So how does this play out for budgeting do you ask? Well 27 full meals from a 15.66 lb ham for a total cost per meal of $1.43. Now that's savings!  
If you purchase a ham let me know how you divide yours up for a savings. I'll be posting more budget meals that I use the ham in in the near future.
~ Farmgirl

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  1. I think Tavern hams have the best flavor.
    Your recipe on ham bean soup has me anxious for my next day off so I can do that!

    1. I agree you can't beat the flavor. I had to work on the ham while the family was gone or they would of had their hands in it the whole time.

      I hope you enjoy the ham and bean soup. It's a no brainer in putting together. You know I can't wait for easter to use the bits and pieces of the glazed ham. Yum!