Monday, May 14, 2012

Gardening & Recycling all-in-one

I've been searching for great gardening ideas, trying to maximize my space and recycle where I can. So I came across some neat ideas and as I gain the items that I need I have been implementing them in my landscape and gardening experience.

I've searched most of the morning, trying to figure out where I found this idea and finally this afternoon I found it. Click Here if you wish to see it where I saw it. I really think I saw it on Pinterest but for the life of me can't find it there.

Hanging Herb Garden using Recycled Soda Bottles

My beginning attempt

The only items you need are:

2 liter pop bottles
Sharp knife
Twine (baler or poultry string)

Basically, you just cut a hole in the top starting it with a knife then finishing it with scissors. On the bottom I cut a few small slits to let excess water drain out. 

To hang it I took the sharp tip of the knife and made a circular hole to poke the twine through and tied enough knots to make it big enough so it wouldn't pull through under the weight of the soil and water. I did the same thing to hang the second bottle to the top bottle. On the small neck part I just tied the string around the small area instead of worrying about cutting a hole. 

Fill with soil, add seeds of choice and water. 

Hang where ever you have space. For now mine is hanging on the outside light of the front door. I will move it when I find a wall or put up privacy fence. I plan on adding more bottles as I get them.

If you would like to make it look nice you could paint them. I just may do that later also if I find time.

Happy Herb Gardening

~ Farm Girl

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  1. At our house, they would become deer feeders. :) What a great idea cousin.

  2. Now, if you are interested in doing herbs and have an window that gets alot of sun I saw one that you do inside. It was on apartment therapy. Was cool I thought about it but I only have one window that gets a fair amount of sunlight and I dont want to give it up just yet.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! I love herbs and I love recycling, so I'll be putting your idea to good use. . .