Friday, June 8, 2012

Rabbitry News - Bucks Moving Day (picture heavy)

We've been housing our bucks beside our home and on very hot days the urine smell was just getting to be too much. Because we entertain a lot outdoors I decided to move the bucks over by the does.
 Now I've heard that you must keep them in separate areas but after going to many different rabbitries to get new rabbits and seeing their set ups I decided that its okay to put them near each other. Everywhere we have been has them all group together just in separate cages. So putting them together didn't seem to cause any problems breeding or birthing. Were going to try it out for a while.

Here's my before pictures:

Buck cages #1 and #2
Buck cages #3 and #4
Buck cage #5
Doe and baby cages #1-10
Revamped no longer 10 cages. Right now its 7. Taking the dividers out because
they are not big enough for the larger rabbits.
Does cages #11 - 13
We had all the bucks by the house and the does were over across the creek partially shaded by the trees. It only makes sense to move them all together. So here's the big moving day.

So much easier to load them on the truck one by one

Manual labor but we got it done.
Back wall so to speak are the buck cages. Put them in an L shape.
We had that tall cage empty and because of its odd size I decided to make it a weaning cage.
It now houses 7 of Jinny's babies.
Another look at the cages. Only thing we moved around are the tables. They
now sit in the middle together not just thrown out there. 

I like that they are all together so it makes feeding and watering very easy and with the tables together makes a great work station. I have a few more things I want to do before we are finished that I'll get done soon. Plus we are building two more hutches very soon for our does. We are going to use the wire cages as weaning cages in the future. 

More updates in the near future as we expand and make our area pleasant to look at.

~ Farmgirl
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