Sunday, May 13, 2012

Maternity Ward Update

Well since today is Mother's Day I thought it would be appropriate to report on my momma bunnies.

First up is Robin and her three little bundles of joy. 

Someone is looking for a snack

Next up is Jinny's seven little bundles of joy!
They are putting on fur and seem to be doing very good.
Jinny is an EXCELLENT mommy!
Expecting Momma Sugar
She spent a lot of time in this position today.
I think she may be in labor. I didn't want to bother her.
As of  7 pm she still hadn't given birth.
Lastly we have Speckles
She's due but not until the end of the month. She is doing
very well also and I can't wait to see those babies. We bred
her to our mini rex/new zealand red.

I can't leave out Jaxson
He is our bunny protector. Almost anytime I look out at the
ladies or go over there he is very close if not sitting on the
chair watching over them. Sometimes he's even on top of their
cages looking down on them. The ladies seem to not mind him
being around. None of them have acted out while he has been around.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend.

~ Farm Girl

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