Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday update

When the hubbins has to work nothing much really goes on around here besides the normal feeding and babying of the animals and I compile my honey do list for his days off. I'm sure he really enjoys that. We have picked out the two chicken coops we are building; now we just have to get the supplies and find a location for them. Seems like a constants battle trying to find the right place for everything.

Monday the bunnies turned three weeks old. They have already been sold we are just waiting for them to get old enough to go to their new forever homes. Here's their updated photos.

They are growing so fast. Jinny wasn't too happy with me because I was pulling the babies out and trying to sex them and not paying attention to me. So I didn't distrub her to much. I'm the only that hasn't been bitten and I do want to keep it that way.

Well I think that about does it for now. Have a wondeful week.

~ Farm Girl

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