Thursday, March 22, 2012


It was such a wonderful and warm day out that some progress has been made around the yard and garden. I'm super happy as long as the weather stays nice. First my DH lightly tilled up the place where we were parking all winter in the yard and reseeded it.
Patch #1
Then he preceeded to keep on working on the yard and by my suprise he hauled away the old barn wood we were using for underpinning. Then he tilled up that bare area and yes he reseeded it also.
Patch #2
As you can see it don't take to much to excite me when it comes to things getting done. So I thought he was done but there's more. We had been cleaning up where we had a swimming pool for the past 5 years. We have decided that we want to locate a new one elsewhere when we get it next year. So you guessed it he lightly tilled it and reseeded it also.
Patch # 3
Great now the only places that need to be reseeded now are infront of the outbuilding and then when he finishes up making my yard larger and the garden smaller. Okay that don't sound right considering we like a large garden. Well, we had alot of wasted space in our garden so we have decided to make it more compact and try to gain some extra yard. Partically because we are going to add on our porch and we need some space between it and the garden. I can't wait until that project gets finished.
Plowing to fix the yard up
Everything that is plowed in this picture will soon be my new yard but he plowed over to where the tractor is sitting. I'll have yard all the way over there. Yeah! I'm really excited about that. We'll still have plenty of garden.

You might also notice the yard is mowed. Yes, mowed in March. March?! I think this is the first time we have ever mowed this early. Oh, well I'll enjoy this weather. It's making me want to get out in the garden and start planting. I however do know its still a little early for our area. Soon, really soon!

~ Farm Girl

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  1. I know it's crazy we've mowed twice already by mid-March!! We have yet to turn our garden area. Normally we have two gardening spots but we'll probably just do one this year because we're not growing any corn. Your farm is looking good, and Ive enjoyed getting caught up on your blog! Nice new header, BTW, looks great!

  2. Thanks about the header... had to personalize it more. We're working on getting the farm cleaned up. Some aren't liking it but in the long run it's for the best. They'll just have to suck it up. We'll have to catch up again soon.