Monday, April 2, 2012

Rabbit care

Yesterday we took advantage of the nice weather and did some rabbit maintance. We decided that since Jinny was kicking the babies off her just maybe it was time for them to be in their own cage.

Rabbit Shack
At first I didn't think it was going to go to good but as they checked out their new digs they seemed to calm down and enjoy the new space. Not much longer and they will be going to their new forever homes anyhow.

Then we proceeded to clip the nails of the boys. DH suited up with his work coat just incase their was a big ole fight. This is the first time he had clipped their nails since we got them. Which really we havn't had them to long just under 3 months. Before I could get outside with the camera he had one of them done and starting on the next one.

All suited up and ready to go. He was pretty calm and amazingly there was no issues. 

Well I think this one says it all. Funny thing is he didn't put up a fight either he just looked terrified. I couldn't help myself but to put a caption with it. Good Ole Linny for ya!

Have a Hoppy Monday!

~ Farm Girl

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