Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Porky The Sick Piggy

Porky hasn't been feeling to well. My daughter first noticed he wasn't eating, was vomiting, slobbering when he wasn't vomiting and staggering around. This was all going on during that cold snap we had last week. My father-in-law thought he may have gotten into the poke berries. I'm not so sure though.

I ended up going over on Saturday and got some Vitamin B and Tylan 50 and we gave him a shot of each. Oh the poor guy dry heaved for a good while. By Sunday he was doing better, but still didn't have the energy he should have. I wanted to give him another shot but it was late at night by the time we got home from work that we decided to wait till the Monday morning.

Went out Monday and Porky was back to his old self. I'm so relieved that he's doing much better. I thought for sure we were going to loose our investment!

Thanks to our friends advice we have our silly Porky still with us.

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