Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friends across the miles

I've been chatting with another like minded gal for a while now. Come to find out she's just a few hours away. Which is great considering we have so much in common and our views are very similar. We have been bouncing ideas off of each other for a while now. Makes trying new things so much easier. Well yesterday the DH and I went for a drive and we got to meet up with her and her DH finally.

I had a rabbit that she was interested in for wool. I had gotten it from a friend because she moved. So anyhow the Jersey Woolly got a new home and his wool will become many different things as she learns and experiments with him. So he was the basis for our adventure yesterday.

Let's just say it was an adventure as I forgot to write a part of the directions down and we ended up in Athens, OH instead of southern Ohio. I told my husband that I thought there was a map in the door, which I was correct. He found a route that would get us where we needed to be. Boy was it a beautiful drive.

Her and her DH have a very interesting rabbit run and hopefully in the spring we can adapt our rabbits to something similar. Her bunnies seemed pretty darn happy. They also have a pretty nice homestead and with all the improvements she told me they have done and plan on doing its going to be pretty darn great when they are finished.

Feeling very fortunate to have finally met my sweet friend and her family.

Happy Homesteading!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip! :) You're getting close to where I live! I live in Southern Ohio too. :)

    1. Awesome! It's great finding like minded people so close. I'll check out your blog also.