Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lazy Day

Been a rainy day off and on. So we pretty much stayed in the house and just enjoyed our time as a family. Our daughter did go over and get a few of the bunnies and brought them over for play time. One of them has had an issue with its eye. I don't think that it ever opened, so I cleaned it with some warm water and mineral oil. Now it can see just fine.

I got to cuddle with this one for a bit. It is only 16 days old and such a chunk. Its a lot bigger than its sibling. These are the only two out of the whole bunch made it.
Look at that size difference! I'm trying to talk the DH into keeping on of them for our stock. I'm not sure if its working just yet.

This is the smallest baby buns foot. Isn't it so cute.. This bunnies fur feels like velvet. Well besides doing some house work and cooking this is pretty much all we did all day. Was nice to just veg out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

~ Farmgirl

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