Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rabbitry News

Well its been very busy in the rabbitry here lately. Starting on April 8th we began having baby buns again. For three days it was a wait and see kind of thing. We ended up with a total of 31 new babies and have lost a few along the way. We had a momma not feeling so well due to an infection that I thought was cleared up but wasn't so she lost her whole litter. A few of our new moms lost at least one baby each. So we have a total of 25 new babies.

I'm already getting calls and requests for babies. This makes me very happy. Here's a few photos of our little ones. They are now a week and a half old. Wow time flies bye too quickly here lately.




This is Baps she's not understanding me talking to her...
 Totally a usual occurrence from her. 

We are about to breed our other rabbits for all our fair babies. It's already getting that time of the year. I enjoy our bunnies. We got into the rabbit business last February and it didn't take long to get attached to them.

I'm sure I will be posting news often.

~Farm Girl


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