Monday, October 29, 2012

My take on Chinese take out

The kids and I were discussing what we wanted for dinner last night. Each of us had our own ideas. When I suggested Chinese take out their faces lit up. Good take out was out of our reach financially and not in the path of daddies travels. So I suggested we make our own. The kids were game for that as we have made a few dishes in the past and they turned out very good.

I went to one of my favorite sites and narrowed our search for the perfect meal. We finally selected Chinese Take-Out Fried Rice and Weight Watchers General Tsos Chicken I tweaked both recipes to our liking and what we had on hand (check out the comments by barefootmommawv for my tweaks). Only thing I did cheat on was I had the DH stop by a Chinese restaurant and pick up some egg rolls.

No meat added. Just vegetable fried rice.
Change meat from chicken to pork
What are some of your favorite take out meals that you like to make for your family? I think I will post some more of the ones I have created as I make them. 

~ Farm Girl

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