Monday, December 16, 2013

Rushing the New Year

Hurry up 2013, get over and bring me a new and refreshed 2014. We are having the worst year ever here in our household. Between my father, my son and my husband they are all wearing me out. My father lost his toe and part of heal due to a bad infection. He also had to have his nose done due to skin cancer. He's lucky to be here, another 48 hours and we would of been planning his final arrangements way to early. He's got a great team of doctors, being stern with his is the only way to get him to come around and get things done in the best interest of his health.

My son had a football accident back in September then again in October with resulted in a total ACL replacement and meniscus removal in November. He just got released to go back to work this past weekend. But, he still has some healing to do.

Now for my husband he had a bad infection of MRSA back in September. He got rid of it pretty quickly with the proper meds and down time. Unfortunately, he has gotten it again but worse. He has it on his arm, in his knee and on his neck. Today, was his second Dr. appointment which they changed his meds. We go back tomorrow to see if they can draw some of the infection out that is if he makes it through the night. He's in a lot of pain due to the swelling.

These are some of the reasons why I haven't posted more to the blog. I would love to post more but I'm just exhausted here lately from all the running and not to mention my job takes a lot out of me when I have to travel with my husband back and forth. When we both work the same days we travel together since its an hour to both of our jobs. That makes my day start at 5:30 am and we don't get back home till after 11:30 pm.

Our daughter has been handling most everything here on the farm here lately. So I really haven't had much to post. All I can say is 2014 has to be better than 2013 and I'm welcoming it with wide open arms.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Will be looking forward to good news and your blog in 2014!!

    1. Thank you so very much. I'll update later today after we see the doctor again.