Thursday, October 10, 2013

Winter Piggies

Got a call last Thursday about buying some pigs, something we weren't planning on doing. I just haven't been keen on having more animals to feed during the colder months; actually I'm trying to get rid of some extra animals. But, we don't have any extra pork in the freezer. So we ended up talking the in laws into buying a piglet also and splitting the feed cost.

This is only the second time we have had pigs. Earlier this year we got piglets for my sons FFA project. Which he showed and sold at the county fair and he did very well. Guess we are going to get practice for next years fair.

Our little guy has a brother with him so he won't be lonely. Wilbur is smaller than the in laws piglet but is more aggressive. I love watching them argue over the chow. They are so funny. I'm hoping they will fill out fast and nicely so I don't have to worry about feeding into the new year. 

Wilbur on the left, not sure what the in laws have named theirs yet.
These are a york mixed piglets. They have light black markings on their skin. Can't really see it for all their white hair. They are so cute I hope they turn out well. 

I need to get to reading about raising hogs, so that we can raise good quality pigs. 

Happy homesteading 
~ Farm Girl

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  1. Your pigs are york/hamp crosses..we call them blue butts in our part of the country. You will enjoy this cross, nice sides of bacon, grow fast and are hardy. My kids showed pig for the last 17 years, loved it. Enjoying your site, my first visit will come back.

    1. Thanks, I thought so but wasn't for sure. We're very new to raising pigs. They are so cute but have a lot of attitude.