Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Out & About Today

My plans for today have changed once again. I'm going to visit my granny who was in the hospital and they have transferred her to the rest home for some rehabilitation. On my way I have stopped at the local McDonald's on the south side of town. (I'm writing this as I see all these visits unfold this morning). This is the local meeting place for some of the retirees from several area plants. The stories these ole fellers tell just crack me up. It's just so nice to see their faces light up as they see an old buddy they haven't seen in a long while. I sure wish that I had my camera with me today so you could have a glimpse of what I'm seeing.

While I'm out today I'm picking up stuff to finish up my bed for my blueberry bushes and have to get feed for our new animal friends that I will post about later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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