Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rabbitry News - Jinny

I have been expecting babies buns since Friday from Jinny and she hadn't showed any signs of going into labor. I was starting to wonder if she was even preggers. Yesterday morning I went out and checked on all of the bunnies. I talked to Jinny for a bit and gave her some attention along with her neighbors Robin and her babies, and Sugar. She still hadn't pulled any fur yet. After being with her for an hour I decided it was time to go in the house and get some house work done. Well between then and 5:30 pm she was a very busy gal. She pulled fur like there was no tomorrow and gave birth.

Jinny I believe is a Flemish Giant cross and we bred here to a New Zealand this time. I'm hoping for some good size buns. Regardless of what we get we sure are happy.

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