Monday, May 7, 2012

Momma Sprite Update

Our beautiful Sprite passed away 6 days after she gave birth to 13 babies. A few of them died right after birth and the rest have died a few each day. We were hand feeding them and the last two appeared to be doing very well but this morning they passed also. It sure wasn't for the lack of trying on my part because I have been up feeding them as I should of been. This morning my plans was to slip them in on another momma but that just didn't happen.

So here's a few pictures of Sprite and her babies. She was our first bunny to pass away.


This was definately a new experience for us. Now we know that you can't save them all but also learned some technniques to help save some. 

During this past week we have added a few new bunnies to our rabbitry and we have a few litters on the way. I'll be posting more later this week. 

~ Farm Girl

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