Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunday a day of relaxing....

Not on this farm. If there is work to be done we get it done. Especially if it's the only time that we have to do it.  We celebrated DS's birthday the day before while we were out of town. We took him to Longhorn Steak House. We loved their decor, the place was nice and clean, we had good food, server was less than friendly and rather slow, and we thought it was over priced. That's our only grips about the whole experience. Now we can say we tried it, didn't care for it and won't be doing that again! LOL We didn't let that spoil our trip though. We had a wonderful day and got a lot done.

Early Sunday we headed off to town to get supplies upon returning home we headed to the DH parents where we enjoyed Easter dinner with the family. The kids had an egg hunt. We stayed for a little chit chat then off to the house to begin on our project. We all got our hands in on the building of the cage. First time for everything for all of us. Pictures of our day follow:

Nephew getting in on the action!

All finished now everyone can rest easy for the rest of the evening. 

~ Farm Girl

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