Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interesting driveway signs

On our way home from getting bunnies we saw these signs just a few drive ways  from where we picked our bunnies up at. Intersting to say the least. I had a bunny on my lap or I would of got the other side of the Tourist Info Center sign.
Signs at the end of a drive way in Apple Grove
Here's a close up of each sign. We got such a chuckle of out these signs. They either have a sense of humor or there is a real problem in this area. From an out sider looking in this would be the perfect place to raise children. Its a great looking area the houses were nice and yards were all clean. Who knows whats the real issue but we liked the signs.
The smaller directional signs indicate how far its to the next few towns.
I didn't really see them as we were going in but coming back out this road
it is clear as to what they say. Sorry took the picture through the side
glass window and caught some reflections.

I need one of these signs. We've been having problems with ATV's and other
vehicles trying to get down our driveway and into our pasture thinking it is
an old road for 4 wheeling. Obviously, its a private drive but if you look at any
local map it says it's a county road.

I'm pretty sure these people mean business. I wasn't about to go and find out the story behind them.

~ Farm Girl

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