Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another building day...

Seems like the only day that we get a chance to build anything is on Sunday anymore. Today is no exception DH and DS are out building yet another rabbit hutch. This time they are doing some modifications since we have some lovely chewers. LOL

First they revamped Jumpin' Jacks cage. We hate this cage very much its been a pain in our butts since we have brought it home. We thought we would be using it for back up only but that just hasn't been the case yet.

Added a support across the top then a support slightly off center so they could add the door. It had a wire door on it and it just made it next to impossible to get into it. Now we can open the door quickly if needed. 

Next up:
This pile of wood will soon turn into a duplex. Soon I hope we will have enough of them. We like the cages made this way instead of the ones bought from the store. Ours are much bigger and easier to clean I believe. But, you know how that goes everyone has their own opinions. See photos below.
Transporting it over across the creek.

These are the cages we bought over in Jackson. The set of 10 cages to the left is for weaning  and the set to the right is our ladies. They are the biggest of the all metal cages. Our hopes is to change the whole arrangement. That has to wait till we get enough supplies to build our building around our cages. 

The real work begins another duplex is being raised! Our new bunnies will be happy when we get them. Jordan and I did some work on some of the cages across the creek. We made a much bigger space for our baby bunnies as our New Zealands are getting mighty big. 

Hopefully I can talk the DH and DS to start on our garage in a box. We bought it months ago and it needs to be put together. maybe we will see progress soon.

Have a wonderful day

~Farm Girl ~

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