Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Reviewed

What an exciting time of the year. I'm so ready to be done with 2011 and begin new and fresh with 2012. Some great things have happened for me and my family in 2011 such as heading back to college. I survived 3 semesters. I also got the nerve up to finally Blog. I've been asked by many to do this. So here's to a full year of blogging. Hopefully something exciting will come of it besides making some sort of sense. 

I'm also so proud of both my son and daughter as they did really well in school. I also survived my son going to his first formal dance. Oh la la did he look ever so handsome.  My son also completed his first ever Sheriffs Academy Camp. He's so looking forward to going back next summer. We just hope he gets invited to back. He also completed band camp and 4H camp. He survived football conditioning and practacie and for first time ever playing a sport he did really well. He's growing up so fast.
8th Grade Dance

Sheriffs Academy

1st year football

Christmas parade

Christmas concert

My daughter kinda got jipped on camps this year. But, she did do wonderful on her 4H projects and had a great time at 4H camp. Heck I also did great at 4H camp as I taught my first class. I'm hoping that I get to teach another class this year. Now, that I know how all things go down.
Family Vacation and Anniversary Celebration

2011 was a year for ups and down. We sure did have plenty of them. We took a family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN and DH and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We did some things that we wouldnt normally do. As we don't normally take in expensive vacations but, we took in a show and many muesums and numerous new resturants. All the while DH wasn't feeling very well with his broken foot. He was such a trooper though. He's ready to go back and so am I.

Downers for 2011 was that DH broke his foot and landed himself in the recliner for nearly 4 months. Myself I spent most of October - December in bed with pneumonia and dental infections that kept me up late and away from studying. I somehow pulled off good grades for the winter semester to finish out 2011. 
Christmas at Granny's
We had a wonderful Christmas with many of our family members. Dinner at Granny's. Christmas Eve at the in laws. Christmas dinner at the Cousin's house. Just missed having family time with my parents ;(. Sometimes things just aren't how they use to be. What a shame. 

I'm welcoming 2012 with open arms!!

~ Farmgirl

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