Thursday, December 22, 2011


Every morning for the past few weeks, I have been getting up to one lonely cow in my front yard. Over the summer it was the whole herd but for some reason lately its just been one. We don't normally mess with her till late afternoon as shes just grazing. Just the other day DH went and fixed some fence where he thought she was getting out. I laughed at him of course. I told him she would be out again and the very next day as I suspected she was standing in the yard yesterday.
Gertrude out in hay field along driveway.

Gertrude visiting my front yard yesterday.

Gertrude must really be enjoying my grass.

This morning it was Millie.
This morning it wasn't Gertrude out. It was a young cow I'll call Millie. I'm sure my father-in-law has different names for them than I do. She is a little skittish compared to Gert. I just had to open the door and Millie was headed back to where she belongs. I now know where her sweet spot is. Which is where I suspected it all along. She's going to be really mad at me here in a bit because I'm going to go fix the fence where she crosses over. It really does take a woman to do a man's job!

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