Sunday, May 18, 2014

A little hiccup...

My computer has had some issues for some time. It's not updating like it should. It's running really slow so I will be limited in how much I can update till I get it fixed. I'm going to go next week and take it in and see what can be done with it. I hope its a quick and cheap fix as I'm totally strapped for cash due to me being in the hospital here recently. That's another story in itself. I'll share after I see my doctor again on Tuesday.

There's a few recipes I have been wanting to share with you all. I hope that I can use one of my lunch breaks and update this week. As you know I work in a flower shop, this week is going to be incredibly busy for us as a young girl has died that has a huge catholic family. I may only beable to update later in the week. Who knows but we'll see what I can get done.

Hope everyone is well and cooking and canning like crazy!

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