Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bye-Bye Garden

I have been so ready to see this dreadful garden season go away. Finally, the husband and son got all the tomato stakes out of the garden. I was so glad when I heard the tractor fire up. I look out and this is what I see.

 Crazy that he used the mower to knock the dreadful weeds down. But, such a blessing now I can see across the yard and it don't look so bad from the main road. 

Everything is gone except the very little sweet potato patch down at the far end of the garden. I'm not even sure if they bloomed so we may not have any sweet potatoes. In the next few weeks he'll plow the garden and we'll get all the rabbit droppings and hog manure put on it for the winter. Just maybe next years garden will be a success.

I wish I had the nerve to put in a fall or winter garden but, I feel its going to get cold quick. Which makes me think that the garden will not do any good. Cutting my losses this year and ready to move on.

~ Farm Girl

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  1. I know how you feel about the garden not producing, especially the tomatoes. The blight almost totally wiped mine out. I grew those little babies from seed in the greenhouse and nurtured them to beautiful, tall plants loaded with tomatoes, and then here comes trouble. I got very few jars of juice and even fewer jars of tomatoes whole. I did, however, have better luck with my green beans. I was able to can about 120 quarts, and I still have fall beans coming on - greasy grits, rattlesnake pole and blue lake. I share a lot of what I can, so beans it will be this year. I really enjoy reading your blog and trying your canning and meal recipes. Keep on blogging, girl! I, too, am a country girl, right next door to you here in Kentucky.

    1. Randi, it's so heart breaking when we spend so much time gardening and don't get very much. I'm so hoping for a much better 2014. I didn't even plant a fall garden. Working a full time job is killing me right now. Later today I will be canning spaghetti sauce. I finally have a few days off so I can empty the freezer and get some jars filled. Hopefully, that will cure my garden blues.

      Where in KY are you? We travel through there when heading to TN. Such a beautiful state.