Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garden Craziness

After doing my feeding chores this morning I decided that I better get in the garden and get some work done before the weeds ate it alive and the rain came again (suppose to be flash flooding and what not for the next week). I wish I had taken a before photo, but I didn't. Any how, I jumped in feet first and got the tiller started on the second or third pull. Yeah!! First time I had tilled by myself this season. The hubby did it the first time this season.

I tilled half the garden up and went to take a break and get a some water. It sure is a hot one out here today. Look at what I see when I look down. First time I had noticed it and we've had it for many years.
Sticker on hood covering the tillers tines. 
Isn't that just cool. You can still buy American made products and they do last. Like I said  I've had this tiller for many years but before that it was my grandma's (my parents bought it for her several years before she passed). 
Anyhow, this is what I got done up till my break. 
Can see majority of the garden in this shot. 
Part of the garden I got the  most done in
I only had six rows to finish which included the tomatoes and beans. I came back from my break gassed it up and gave it a few pulls and it wouldn't start. I know its just something simple like not having the choke and run switches in the right place. Then I went to pull again and be damned if the stupid handle that we just replaced didn't come off in my hand. I hate those stupid things. I don't know why they can't make the replacements to last longer. I know the hubbins is going to laugh when he gets home and have it fixed in no time with no costs. Its just taking off the cover and tie-ing the cord to back to the handle. Grrr! I just wanted to get it all done before the wet weather came.

Any how, I did fertilize the tomatoes and peppers. When it cools off this evening I will run back out and plant a few more sweet potato plants, pumpkin patch and maybe a little more corn. Since the deer and the in laws calves keep mowing it down. I need to get some fishing line and bags put around the garden to keep them out. 

The garden is well on its way I've already picked some peppers and have more to pick. Green beans will be on in the next few weeks. I'll take what I can get from the garden and be very thankful! That's about all that anyone can do. 

Anybody else garden in their bare feet or flip flops? Normally I'm barefooted but when I'm running equipment I like to have some kind of shoe on even though flip flops give you no protection. I need to do a little better and start wearing tennis shoes.
Boy those are some dirty feet. I do believe that those flip flops are not worthy of anything but running around the yard and garden. 

It's starting to cool down better get out in the garden and get things finished. I'm hoping for some rain. I don't want to have to water the garden out of our well. 

Happy gardening everyone!!

~ Farmgirl

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