Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh My Boy...

He sure has taken after his Grandpa and his Momma! My back was hurting yesterday really bad and when I said we were having pizza for dinner tonight he jumped at the chance to cook dinner. He can cook many things as I have found out recently. He does need help putting the ingredients together and asks a zillion and one questions as to how long he lets things cook and what temps but he pulls it all together nicely.

So last night he created not one, but four deep dish pizza's. Two were pepperoni deluxe and two were buffalo alfredo. He had a little help from his sister on the crusts. They made a great team although the wouldn't admit it if you asked them. LOL

Thanks to my children we had a good dinner using homemade items that I canned mostly with a little help from store package items.

He made enough deep dish pizza's for dinner and his daddy to take for his lunch today.

Only bad thing is I'm left with the clean up. :(

Hope everyone has a wonderful day

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