Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bunny News

It's been sometime since I have updated on the bunny happenings around the farm. We've had a lot going on with them here this summer/fall. We've only been in the bunny business since February but it sure does seem like forever. I've learned so much already and learning more each and every day. We've had our ups and downs like any other farm with farm critters. You win some you loose some.

During the Drencho which caused the extended power outage we lost several of our bunnies due to heat. We just couldn't keep them cool enough. Heck, I think we were baking ourselves too. Any how we lost Sprite and Robin and nearly 20 babies at different stages. Some of which were our daughters fair projects. Luckily we have made great friends in the local rabbit business and we got replacements which turned out to be back ups.

That was summer it's fall now. We've not had much luck with litters living. We lost two full litters right off the bat last week but, I'm so glad to say that we did get two litters that are almost a week old. Check them out. I need new pictures as they have a nice coat of fur now.
Jinny N Reese's babies (6 or 7 of them)
Bab's N Snowball's babies (9 of them)
We have finally added a new breed to our rabbitary. We now have Californians. Another excellent choice for our local 4-Hers. The majority of our rabbits are White New Zelands, then we have a male and female red NZ, Grandpa as I call him (Cadbury) hes a Castor Rex and Jinny is a Rex mix. So meet our newest additions.

Flora and Bucky - they were on a date!

So that concludes our news right now. We are hoping that "date night" will grace us with a few more babies here in a few days. We shall see.

~ Farmgirl

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