Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet our newest "STUD"

We have been on the search for a buck for our ladies that we got in early February. Finally, someone had answered my call and my DH and I took a long ride and purchased our newest "STUD." I'm just calling him a stud because he's a cutie. So without further ado

Meet Jumpin' Jack Flash

"I smell you!" 
Jumpin' "Jack" Flash is in a temporary home for now. I'm not very happy with it but the guy sold it to me for cheap. Today Jack got out of it and I had to chase him around. Capture in record time I think. LOL I had to mend the metal hole that none of us really knew was in the side. I used a piece of old grill grate to cover it. I used a piece of wire to tie the front up where i'm pretty sure that's how he got out. 

Jack devising a plan for his next escape.
This is what $10 housing looks like. LOL Great idea but its poorly constructed in the case of the wire. We will be reworking it next week thats for sure.


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