Thursday, March 15, 2012

Farm happenings

Even though we bought many cages for our rabbits we just didn't have enough that suited our needs. So the DH and DS spent the day building a cage similar to one that we got with our Flemish giants and made it slightly bigger and better air flow. My DH is no carpenter but I think he done a wonderful job. I missed getting some photos because I was in the kitchen preparing dinner. We had the in-laws over.

Beginning frame work
More frame work.
Cutting the back piece out
Time for some wire
More wire
Finished rabbit duplex

I was out there a little bit ago and we have a very happy Linny and Snowball. We also moved Jumpin "Jack" Flash from his rickety ole home to Linny's old home. He wasn't very happy but I think by tomorrow he will enjoy his new home. He'll be moved next week when DH and DS build one more duplex and Jack will find himself in a new home.

~ Farmgirl

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  1. Do you eat your bunnies after your raise them? They're so cute! I enjoy your blog!!

  2. All the ones we have right now except the 4 babies are our breeders. We will be selling the babies for meat or as breeders when they get old enough. We will be keeping some for ourselves for meat. They are great pets and they are already spoiled. My daughter is out there every day holding and petting them. My husband has Snowball where he comes up and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

  3. The cages look great!!! You guys are taking to raising rabbits really well! Just one word of advice, don't name any you plan to use for meat. Just give them #'s or letters. All of my 4H pals who raise meat & show rabbits agree that meat rabbits don't get names or played with. Only the show/pet/breeders!

  4. Thats probably a good idea. I think I have the four sold already from our first litter.

  5. Thanks Katie! We sure are trying our best and I think it's bringing my children and their father closer together. He's good with them always has but it's a learning expeierence for them to work together on a project.