Friday, May 17, 2013

Finally Garden Time

Since the cold spell seems to have been broken and the rain has held off for the most part, I have been making the most of every dry spell to get in the garden the last few days. So here's a few pictures of the past few days.
DH discing the garden one more time.
Just so happens when I was in town getting groceries I found a new garden plant and flower store set up. So I purchased 5 flats. I sure hope they do good. They looked amazing compared to what I found at other stores that I normally got plants from.

Funds were super tight and I forgot to stop at the feed store so I bought some packaged Burpee seeds at Wal-Mart. Not my favorite place but they will do in a pinch. 

You can barley see in this picture but there is 10 rows of established plants planted. Thanks to my friend's and my children that helped.

To show my appreciation I made dinner for everyone. Least I could do. Our friends live in town and live in an old swamp area and the only gardening they can do is container. So I told her if she would come and help and help purchase some plants that I would tend the garden. Should be enough for both of us, at least I hope so. 

Cabbage and 5 rows of green beans. I still need to plant my peas and lima beans and more corn. But, we are getting there. I'm just glad to get this much done. Now to water and pray for a good garden this year.

I'm wondering how everyone else is doing with their gardening this season.

~ Farm Girl


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