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February 11, 2012

This morning we took DD to pick up three New Zealand whites to hopefully breed for her 4H project. All of this is new to us so we are slowly learning. We can't breed the buck to the two does we got because they are family. So we are still on the search for a doe and buck to breed with these ones. Hopefully we will find them soon; we are very anxious to get started and learn, learn, learn. 

Buck (Snow ball)  has his ears back. Doe with ears up.

Very active doe.

Temp. housing for bunnies.

January 22, 2012

This is our first attempt to raise some rabbits. The kids have been wanting to get some for quit sometime. The opportunity just had not been there till just recently.
Meet Linny
Mr. Linny is rather shy and don't like to be caught. But, once he is caught he will love all over you. He did very well on the way home from his former home.
Meet Jinny
Ms. Jinny is a very lazy rabbit. She don't care who handles her and will stay put as far as I can tell. She did well on the way home from her former owners home. She sat right on the cubby hole in the back seat with her head and front feet propped up on my DS leg. She's so fat and loveable. :)

Sox the house cat had to check out the new creatures.

Seems like all is well.

Apparently Linny wanted to go for a stroll. This could be good or this could be really bad. We shall see.
* UPDATED - Linny led DD, DS and DN's on a wild goose chase this afternoon. It was first just DD chasing then about an hour or so later the boys joined in the chase. Needless to say Linny is back in his home and the kids are all getting showered. They were covered in mud from head to toe and every crack inbetween. Let's hope this dont happen often. I was beginning to get stressed out myself. I didn't want Linny to become doggie chew toy or worse a coyote nab him. He's safe an sound and were all happy now.
Linny and Jinny's home
If DD catches Linny we will attempt to breed them in the very near future. We first have to get some more cages and some sort of shelter built. Which is why we didn't get rabbits earlier. When an opportunity showed itself I took full advantage of it. We shall see how we do with these two for a while. 


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  1. wish you all the best with the rabbits!any help you need just ask we be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.lord we raise enough rabbits

  2. Thanks I know I will be asking your more questions. Right now I just need a few prayers as Linny got away and DD heart is broken. I'm hoping he will come back later this evening.

  3. We have raised rabbits for a couple of years for my daughter's 4H projects. We've learned quite a bit about them, especially breeding as that was her project interest. In our experience, captive rabbits return home if you leave food & shelter open to invite them back. Put out a few apple slices - they love them! If I can be of any help just ask!!!

  4. Thanks k8d for the suggestion. I figured he would come back but Jordan was determined to get him and ended up chasing him up into the wooded area.Finally I told the two little nephews to flop down on the rabbit when it got close and thats how Linny was caught! I'm sure this won't be the last of the bunny adventures.

  5. Just an FYI- you can breed related rabbits. It's called line breeding and can yield some of your best show rabbits. Our boys have been raising rabbits for 5 years now, and do quite well in the local 4-H shows :) I know line breeding is a big part of our breeding program. Works best with mother/son or father/daughter breeding.

    1. I've herd this before. We have yet to try it. Probably next year or so as we will have to change out some of our stock. We have such a wide variety of bunnies we really don't have a need to do the line breeding.